How To Deal With Haters & Bullies | 2016

Learning to deal with bullies and haters can feel like you have no control. But you do have control on what you let happen in your life. In this video, I talk about different ways to deal with haters and bullies. Some of the things are easier than others. You never want to feel not in control of your own body or your life. These few steps can be so easy to deal with them. It will seem so hard at first but once you have done them all, you will realize you are stronger than you think you are. This is something we all go through and have to struggle with it. Do not feel like you are targeted or you are alone because chances are there is someone you know that is going through the same exact thing. I hope this video helps you if you are going through this in your life right now. I would love to have watched a video like this or others that I have watched regarding this issue when I was in junior high/high school! It would have opened up my eyes so much to things.

How To Deal With Haters/Bullies:

  1. L O V E Yourself ❤︎
  2. Find Something You L O V E To Do
  3. All The Noise Will Go Away
  4. They Don't Live Your Life
  5. Don't Let Them Affect You 
These are some of a couple of steps & things I think everyone should do.