GRWM: My Everyday Routine | 2016

Getting ready in the morning can get a bit annoying with all the steps I have to do. Although it is my favorite part of the day. I just get time for myself and focus on me. I go a bit in depth on how I get ready and what skin care products I have been using lately. I find myself breaking out more than usual and I can't stand it. It's all my fault actually lol, I have been eating horribly these past couple of months and that could be the cause of it. Anyways, these new SebamedAcne Prone products have been helping me out a bunch. I just find not only do they clear up my skin but they leave my face extra soft. If you do have dry skin I would be careful with using the toner, It could leave your face feeling very dry. That tends to happen with all toners, not just this one. I hope you guys enjoy seeing what I do on a daily basis and what products I use to achieve this look. I have also been loving putting my hair into a braid right after I come out of the shower. It leaves my hair with nice effortless waves.  (TIP* put a little mousse before braiding and you will be ready to go in minutes)