DIY Selfie Mirror + Organizing Your Closet

I wish I had photos of what my old closet looked like before! It was the biggest disaster. I have slowly made it over to my liking. I love taking photos of my outfits and needed a space where I cloud showcase them. First I thought I would organize my closet, doing so I needed to figure out first what I wore a lot, what I love and what I wanted to donate. Creating three different groups help me determine what was important to me and what I hadn't worn in over a year. These questions you should ask yourself as you are going through your closet. It will help you put them into groups of (love it. Donate it and haven't worn it in over a year) This had to be the hardest part for me! The next step I took was, I made sure all my hangers matched. Having all of your hangers, the same color will make it look more organized and everything is put together. Taking out all the unused hangers in your closet out and putting them in a cute bag or box in your closet will take the clutter away. I love everything white it makes everything look brighter and bigger. I got my hangers on sale at target, during back to school season. Then sweeping and cleaning up the area a little will make it sparkle and shine! In order to create my selfie mirror station I had to make a trip to Lowes. Any hardware store will do or light store. I was looking for something easy to set up and no wires. When I found these LED Battery operated lights I jumped for joy! They are so easy to install all you need to do is attach the double sided tape to the back of the light and press onto desired area! Yes, I promise it is that easy. They are also extremely easy to take off when to change the batteries without ripping the paint off your wall. The other part I loved being able to touch them and they come on. When they come on they are so bright and just the right amount of bright light you need to take the perfect picture. As for the mirror, I remember getting it at a department store - which one I have no memory of. I do recall that it being very affordable and easy to install. I have linked all the things I talked about down below if you would like to re-create this DIY! If you do re-create this or just organize your closet please tweet me pictures!  

What I used: