Studio Gear Primer Review

Being so into makeup and love applying it, I have such a hard time for some reason keeping it on my face. With daily interactions and myself touching my face, it gets very hard to keep my makeup on all day. My eyeliner either runs down my eye or my blush will disappear completely from my face! Finding a great primer that can keep it all together and not makes me look oily, that is what I aim for. With the Studio Gear Prime Objective, I get a smooth canvas on my face, which I love because it makes my life so much easier. It makes it easier to apply my foundation & concealer. Not only that it keeps everything in place throughout my busy day. With silicone based formula it allows my face to be just the right amount of dewy! Having oily skin, that is a big concern for me and when I try out products. It also has the capability to fill my pores and smoothen out any imperfections I may have. Like a pimple that appeared that morning! This will also make a great gift for your favorite makeup addict! She will be thanking you all year for her getting her such a great primer. If you are interested in purchasing the primer I have a promo code for you, doesn't everyone loves a discount?! The promo code is good for 10% off your next purchase. The code is BB, make sure to apply it to your next order at checkout. 

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