My Filming Setup

Megan, how do you film your videos? I feel like this is the most asked question I get. The setting up process takes a lot of time. Most people that I talk to think I just turn on my camera and talk or start doing my makeup. Nope, it takes me about half an hour to set up beforehand. Then about an hour to film (depending on what kind of video I am filming) sometimes it's more and sometimes it's less. I film with a Canon Rebel T5i. That is the main camera that I use to film and take pictures (thumbnails and product shots) This camera lets me do so many things that my iPhone doesn't allow me to do. However, from time to time I do take videos & photos with my phone. All of my selfies and other lifestyle photos are taken with my phone just because it's easier than having to bring my Canon everywhere I go! If you are just starting out on Youtube, I would highly suggest just starting with a web camera or your phone. Saving up and getting a DSLR down the road is much better. Not only financially but you will have had figured out what you want to do with your channel and in what direction you want it to go. When you first start out you have no idea what you are doing (I know I didn't!) I didn't even know how to edit or work with an editing software. All of that comes with time. I also use lights because sometimes the lighting in my beauty room sucks! However, you do not need them! If you have a huge window, I would highly suggest just filming in front of that. I highly suggest having a surface (a table or desk) to place either products or things you are going to use in your videos on. I get most of my furniture from IKEA. They are very affordable and always have everything I am looking for. As far, as software goes I use Final Cut Pro X on my Macbook Mini. I don't want to say it's the best because I have never tried anything else but it has some really cool features. I always like to know what I am going to say ahead of time or five minutes before I film. It just let's me know what exactly to say and avoid saying "um" and "well" a lot!