Living With Lymes Disease | My Lyme Story

The first thing I would like to say is that. This was a very hard video to film for me. A lot of people I went to school with dont know this about me and a lot of my family member dont even know. This is my Lyme story and I will be telling exactly how I end up diagnosed. When I was close to the age of five years old my parents took me camping. When we went home, they noticed that I was sick and thought I had come down with a cold. I do not know when the next part happened if it was a couple days later or weeks later. They realized then I had a huge red rash on my body. They werent alarmed at first. However, the following day or couple of days I lost complete feeling or mobility on my right side of my face and developed what is called Bell's palsy. My parents then rushed me to the emergency room. At first the doctors could not diagnose me or they did not really know exactly I had. Within a week of being there I believe they figured out I had Lymes disease. They then decided they were about to put me on the 20 day treatment through IV. My mom then was trained to give me my medication that I needed through IV from home. The doctors were then able to let me go home and from there I had no problems. Later on, once I was older and in highschool. I began to realize different symptoms and things that hurt me more than ever. I also realized that I shake and tremble a lot due to nerve damage that was done to my body. That used to bother me a lot in high school because my friends or kids would point it out. It just made me more self conscious of myself. Kids in general can be mean and just say rude/nasty comments. As much as you wish it won't bother you, it gets under your skin. Once I left high school, I felt like so much better and felt like, I could be myself around the people I cared about and just knew loved + cared about me in return! Everyone has a story. This is one of mine. I hope if you are currently sick with lymes disease just knows that you are not alone and it will get better. I hope my story helps somebody out there. Love you guys always xx

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