Las Vegas 2018


I recently made a trip to Las Vegas with my boyfriend. This was my third time, each time I had been was a different experience. I felt the same way this time. I saw things I did not see the first or second time I was there. We also were able to do a bus tour that I really enjoyed getting to know things about the strip and the hotels. We ended up staying at the Circus Circus hotel on the strip. While we did not mind the room or the hotel we were in, it was not the most lavish or exciting hotel. My boyfriend & I both agreed if we ever go back we would stay somewhere else. Our hotel room was not stocked fully and we had to call for them to bring us stuff. Again, not that big of a deal and probably not our first time having to do that. The hotel was also very kid friendly if you are planning to go with kids or a family. They would love it there. It had so many things to do with kids, including a free circus (I believe every hour). They also had an arcade that was really cool, if I was a kid and went in there I would not want to leave! As far as everything else is considered, it was pretty standard. We realized this when we started to walk the strip and go in & out of the different hotels. We saw everything from really lavish/expensive. To basic/affordable hotels. My favorites would have to be Caesars Palace, Bellagio, & the Luxor. We stopped at all the hotels, while we were in the Luxor we decided we wanted to see a show. The gentleman that helped us out was so nice and helped us figure out what show was worth our money/time! We could have not been more pleased with our choice. We ended up seeing Cher, both my boyfriend and I did not really know a lot of her songs. However, we ended up enjoying the show very much! We also saw the show the Mentalist, which blew both our minds away! We couldn’t believe our eyes, on how he was able to do those things/read people. I will say it helped out a lot that we had the Go City Card. It allowed us to go in and out of attractions easily without having to charge or pull out money. The pass is pricey but we realized we would have paid a lot more, maybe double. If we had just shown up to each attraction. We also realized we might have not done a lot of the items because we would have not known about them. We were so happy we decided to buy those passes beforehand. We also were able to get one “premium” attraction with the passes. We decided to go with the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I have a whole other blog post about that day trip. Please check it out! Our whole trip was booked on, It was so much cheaper to do it as a package deal. I looked up all types of ways to book the trip and the different prices. I recommend you do your research to make sure you are getting the best price. I think my boyfriend and I could definitely agree on the fact that drinks (non-alcoholic) in general was the most expensive thing we had to pay for! Every time we went out to eat it would send us over our budget. It was because of our beverages. We couldn’t believe how much more expensive they are. I would highly suggest planning and creating a budget for your trip. That way you are not spending much more money than you planned on. I hope all of this has helped you decide your next trip to Las Vegas. If you would like to check on my Grand Canyon trip/tricks click this link.

Apps I used:

Alaska Airlines


Go City Card

Maps App (navigate around)


Vanilla Bean (vegan/dairy free Resturant finder!)