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Being in a position to display my fashion like's is very important to me and showcase my creativity. Creating flatlay's this way is so much easier than pulling out an outfit from my closet & taking pictures of the outfit. Being into fashion and interior design as much as I am, this website gives me insight to what is hot and what is trendy out there! I love getting creative and putting outfits together in real life. This allows me to share that with all my followers on Instagram / social media. If you decide to go ahead and create your very own set please tweet them to me, I would love to see them! 



Figuring out a way to start a blog can be a hard subject. Trying to decide where to start and what to use can be a tricky subject..Trying to choose a platform to host your blog can be so hard. There are so many options and websites out there. They all seem to offer different but offer something special.

Wordpress: I would consider that very active blogger. Maybe you blog everyday or multiple times a week. This platform is also as great benefits to further your blogging career, such as creating a bigger platform. Such as becoming a website with a domain or opening up an online store! (Free, with ability to pay in the future)

Blogger: This is your first starter home. Maybe you do not know everything there is to determine about blogging or writing about what you love in general. This platform will enable you to create your voice and brand. I loved using this platform cause. I could see myself growing as I went along. Not only that but when I first began. I didn't have much money and this platform is completely free. It also allowed me to find out CSS & HML along the way. (Free)

Squarespace: Is the cool modern home you buy in your thirties. There's not much to do to it or talk about. It kind of does all the talking on its own. It has a lot of cool features that are worth paying for. When I first discovered it, I wondered to myself "why do people pay for this?" and then I began to use it and blog, insert graphics and ect… Then I realized that the money I was paying for it, was so worth everything I was getting. (between $12 - $26)


Blogging, we all have a vision of what you want to come across. Probably you want to be really public and talk about everything in your life, and not one certain thing. Probably you always want to discuss just the clothes and the outfits worn in the photo.


Having photos on your blog are a must. Especially when you are talking about fashion. You want people to see the outfit and get an idea of how it looks on a certain body type. You also want to show them how the colors would look on a certain skin tone, example a yellow would not look good on me because I'm fair skinned but someone with an olive complexion could pull it off. You do not have to have a fancy camera, a lot of my photos are taken on my iPhone. Having pictures are important because if you don't have them. Your blog can be very boring.

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What I Use To Film | 2016

Making YouTube videos is not only about turning on a camera and uploading the footage. There are plenty of steps that go into the process of creating my channel! For all of you starting out, you don't need all of these things right away. Saving up and waiting is just the way to go! I would like to stress also you want to make sure this is something you absolutely love! People will notice if you do not love what you are doing or talking about. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I have self-taught myself on how to use everything. I have googled / watched youtube videos for hours. I think I learn better when I am watching it, rather than reading it. Everyone learns differently, you will need to figure your way out. I started out using the oh so popular iMovie that comes with all Mac's / Macbooks. At first, you may find that you won't need or want to edit but once your videos get longer you will need to. Starting out with the basic everything is key, you don't always want to run to Best Buy and spend all of your savings on a new camera or equipment right away. Being able to save and watch your channel grow is key. The items I use are not the best but they are not the worst. They are perfect for me when shopping for a camera or anything you want to be able to find something that is going to work for you! I use the Canon Rebel T5i DSLR camera. While it is a huge camera and it may seem complicated at first to utilize, it has so many amazing features to it. It makes my videos seem effortless and just likes how I want them to look. If and when I take pictures with it, they come out so perfect. The camera has autofocus which is a great feature if you will be showing items in your videos and want to focus on one item. It also has a view-finder this allows me to see the picture or what's going on in the video as I am filming it. To edit my videos now with Final Cut Pro X, it is basically just a step up from iMovie. If you know iMovie chances are you will pick up FCPX really fast! This program enables me to do all kinds of cool things to my videos. Like adding text or maybe animate my videos! I do use umbrella lights, to light up the area I will be filming in (my beauty room). I would not recommend using artificial lighting, If you can use natural light from a huge window - go for that! Your videos will look a lot more natural and nice overall. When I travel I have a tendency to bring a lot of stuff with me like cables and electronics. I have found a perfect bag to fit everything in. It fits even my laptop. It also has compartments for different type of lenses. Check out the DSLR Backpack.   

What I Use: