Custom Squarespace Websites

Having a website is very important in the Youtube or social media world. It is a way to show all of your work. Whether that's a blog post about the latest makeup product or to showcase your outfits. It's also a great way to display all of your videos that you have ever uploaded to youtube. You can build a following and have them subscribe to your website to stay up to date with everything in your world.

  • All packages do not include the Squarespace and Domain service which you will be required to purchase to maintain your website. These are to be purchased separately. Squarespace has different monthly packages to choose from. My price does not include the charge of the monthly upkeep of the website nor does it include the price to get a domain.

  • Additional add ons such as a logo package is available for purchase. Link

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Custom Youtube Intro

What you will get:

  • 1 Quicktime file

  • An intro that fits & is the right size 

  • 5-15 second animated intro

  • Your font choice

  • Your color choice or combo

  • Endless amount of revisions and to change to make it perfect

  • Three different files that will fit your video or editing software

Cartoon Character

Please be aware that the photo will be transformed into a cartoon character from the picture you provide.  The cartoon character itself cannot be changed or modified in any way.  Changing the picture would require an additional cost and additional time to complete your job.  I do not do the picture conversion it comes from a third party.  We also do not animate the character. 


Custom Youtube Channel Banner

Channel banners are the first thing people see when they go to your Youtube channel. This sometimes determines if they are going to scroll down and click on that subscribe button or maybe watch another video. They will be more likely to click on other videos if they are able to look at a bright, loud & creative looking banner. 

What you will get:

  • 3 PNG file

  • A Youtube banner that fits & is the right size 

  • Endless amount of revisions and to change to make it perfect

  • Three different images that will fit your Youtube channel

*Image is downloadable